Lifestyle Coaching for Your Journey

Why Lifestyle Coaching?

Exploring an open sexuality is different for everyone. If you are in a relationship or relationships, the journey can be challenging for you and your partner(s). It is common for you to have questions, feel uncertain, feel inadequate…to feel jealous. Or you may simply have questions about how to move forward with your interest in swinging, polyamory, or in your own personal brand of living a sexually open lifestyle. The pleasure ambassadors at can help you identify the challenges of living an open lifestyle and remove barriers through lifestyle coaching. We work primarily with couples, poly relationships and singles who are exploring the open lifestyle.

What is “lifestyle coaching”?

Coaching is a support method to help individuals thrive, grow, and accomplish their goals and dreams. There are all kinds of coaches out there. There are professional growth/career coaches, business coaches, life coaches, skills coaches, and health/fitness coaches to name a few. Another type of coaching is relationship coaching, which is the category most aligned with lifestyle coaching.

The pleasure ambassadors at approach lifestyle coaching as a consultant, an educator, an ideas assistant, and confidant. It is important to note that coaching is not therapy/counseling. You can expect to be encouraged to explore and achieve your goals, hopes, dreams, and fantasies for an open sexuality through lifestyle coaching, which will likely include aspects of your relationship(s). This is a very individualized service so it is important to meet with your pleasure ambassador to see how lifestyle coaching can support you on your sexuality journey.

Let us begin!

Curious? Interested? Not sure? All these thoughts are normal. Let us help put your mind at ease through a free initial consultation! That’s right….free! Our journey will begin with a free, virtual consultation to make sure that your pleasure ambassador understands your goals, hopes, dreams, and fantasies and how best to support you. You will receive a free coaching plan that will guide the coaching experience and your growth as an individual, as a couple, and/or as a multi-partner relationship. It really is that easy to begin.

Contact us

All you need to do now is send an email to and we will get your free initial consultation scheduled. We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your journey!

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