Pleasure Ambassadors

What is a Pleasure Ambassador?

A Pleasure Ambassador is dedicated to sharing science-based information, education, and coaching to those curious about or living a sexually open lifestyle. Pleasure Ambassadors represent in promoting ethical non-monogamy through open communication, open exploration of desires, and open relationships in pursuit of personal pleasure and advocating for the pleasure of others.

Pleasure is grounded in Greek philosophy through hedonism and eudemonia. Hedonism promotes doing that which brings pleasure and reduces suffering for overall well-being. Eudemonia is focused on happiness and joy. In today’s sexual lifestyles we might translate these two concepts to pleasure of body and mind (e.g., orgasm, touching, kissing, holding, playing) as well as mind and soul (e.g., intimacy, sharing, love, caring). Human sexuality does not neatly fall into either-or categories; it is fluid, ever-changing. Therefore Pleasure Ambassadors are dedicated to supporting individuals on the personal journey through physical and emotional fulfillment of sexuality and intimacy.


Co-Founder and Pleasure Ambassador

Joe is a Ph.D. candidate in human development and family studies with an emphasis in aging and sexuality. Joe has presented his research and provided training and workshop at national conferences and has several publications in process on aging and sexuality topics.

Prounouns: He/Him/His

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Co-Founder and Pleasure Ambassador

Nicole is completing her M.P.A. in healthcare management. Nicole has assisted in research and publications on human sexuality and in healthcare policy that affects sexual expression.

Prounouns: She/Her/Hers

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Virtual coaching is an online opportunity to connect with a Pleasure Ambassador on your open lifestyle journey.

Want to become a Pleasure Ambassador?

Online classes being developed.

Workshops are being developed in online and in-person.

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