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Club Orientation

We provide orientation for Club G. We cover the following topics during these sessions: Club rules; what to expect at the club; rules of engagement (e.g., affirmative consent, safer sex); and relationships. Join us for an orientation and have fun at the club. If you’re a club looking for experienced trainers, contact us.

Swinging & Polyamory 101

This course will introduce you to each of these lifestyle models and different ways you can explore and express your sexuality within these models. There will be exploration of ethical non-monogamy, relationships, and sexual functioning across adulthood.

Customized Workshops

We have numerous workshops in development and will develop topic-specific programs for interested groups. Contact us to tell us what you want to explore.

Hotel Takeover Orientation

Similar to the Club G orientation, this orientation focuses on what to expect at a hotel takeover. We will cover general rules, rules of engagement (e.g., affirmative consent, safer sex), and relationships. Join us at the next hotel takeover then stay and have fun. Want our assistance in conducting orientation for your hotel takeover? Contact us.

Lifestyle Relationships

This workshop guides couples through relationship-building activities that strengthen communication skills about individual desires, needs, and lifestyle expectations. We will explore barriers and solutions to individual growth within the lifestyle.

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