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Female Ejaculation: A Wet, Climactic End to the Debate

“Squirters” aren’t just for porn anymore. More people are experiencing and exploring the experience of female ejaculation, often referred to as “squirting.” A recent review of the science associated with female ejaculation has helped end some of the debate in two ways: 1) it really happens and 2) the fluid might not be what youContinue reading “Female Ejaculation: A Wet, Climactic End to the Debate”

Enhance Your Orgasm Game With These Three Tips

Sexual satisfaction occurs in three domains: biological, psychological, and social/context. Since none of us have exactly the same biology, psychology, or social contexts, it is impossible to address every possible aspect of most desired result of having sex (alone or with others) is the orgasm. However, we are going to define the orgasm, types ofContinue reading “Enhance Your Orgasm Game With These Three Tips”

Improve Your Swinging or Polyamory Experience with a Lifestyle Coach

Coaching is a service that supports you in identifying goals, overcoming barriers, and moving towards accomplishing whatever it is you have hired a coach to do. There are numerous types of coaching services. In the business world there are executive coaches, business coaches, leadership coaches, and team coaches, to name a few. Each niche areaContinue reading “Improve Your Swinging or Polyamory Experience with a Lifestyle Coach”