Announces Club G Collaboration

We are thrilled to be a part of Club G’s continued growth as Iowa’s premiere lifestyle club. We will facilitate club orientations and offer workshops to its members. Its’ a very exciting collaboration.”

Iowa’s top choice for people curious about or living a sexually open lifestyle is Club G, located in Des Moines, Iowa. With over 1,000 members on its private Facebook page and hundreds of club members, Club G has clearly established itself as the go-to place for lifestyle-friendly people. The club’s owners and advisory board have big plans for 2020 in continuing the club’s growth as Iowa’s premiere lifestyle club.

The pleasure ambassadors of will facilitate orientations with Club G on a monthly basis. Orientations are designed to introduce new members and those eager to learn more about the lifestyle an opportunity to connect and grow together as a member of the community. Workshops, which are currently under development, will be provided to club members at a discounted rate. However, non-members will be offered the opportunity to attend workshops at the club location so that they can explore lifestyle experiences of interest to them and be introduced to the club itself.

“There are a number of workshops that are under development. However, we already know that there is interest in Lifestyle 101 workshops that explore aspects of swinging and polyamory for those new or curious about the lifestyle. We also know that there is a great interest and need for relationship workshops, like managing jealousy and effective lifestyle communication. We plan to provide workshops that are backed by the science of sex to ensure superior quality in the educational experience. ”

Additional workshops will also be developed based on an a forthcoming survey of club members. Establishing workshops and educational opportunities will further support Club G’s goals of being the place to experience and learn about the lifestyle. The added benefit of the Club G and relationship is the additional access to future virtual education programs and coaching by local pleasure ambassadors.

2 thoughts on “ Announces Club G Collaboration

  1. How can we get in touch with club g in Des Moines. We would like to visit but like talking to them first, or get on their facebook


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