Polyamory Versus Friends with Benefits and Swingers in the Lifestyle: Are They Different?

Forms of consensual non-monogamy can be seen as a spectrum based on level of emotional intimacy needs and desires.

Improve Your Swinging or Polyamory Experience with a Lifestyle Coach

Coaching is a service that supports you in identifying goals, overcoming barriers, and moving towards accomplishing whatever it is you have hired a coach to do. There are numerous types of coaching services. In the business world there are executive coaches, business coaches, leadership coaches, and team coaches, to name a few. Each niche areaContinue reading “Improve Your Swinging or Polyamory Experience with a Lifestyle Coach”

Talking about sex? Use these 3 tips to enhance your sexual communication with your partner(s)

Do you sometimes wonder if you and your partner(s) are effectively communicating about your sexual desires and interests? How about that craving for more intimacy in your relationship(s) but talking about desires and interests are challenging? Wonder if you and your partner are good at sexual communication? Take the below quiz and find out. RankContinue reading “Talking about sex? Use these 3 tips to enhance your sexual communication with your partner(s)”

Own Your Orgasms: Three Tips for Female Self-Pleasure

One of the most common myths about sexual interactions is that someone “made me cum.” While we obviously connect our orgasms with the person(s) that was engaged with us during sex, the reality is that we actually own our orgasms. Another person does not give you an orgasm. An orgasm is a complex response toContinue reading “Own Your Orgasms: Three Tips for Female Self-Pleasure”

Openogamy.com Announces Club G Collaboration

“We are thrilled to be a part of Club G’s continued growth as Iowa’s premiere lifestyle club. We will facilitate club orientations and offer workshops to its members. Its’ a very exciting collaboration.” Openogamy.com Iowa’s top choice for people curious about or living a sexually open lifestyle is Club G, located in Des Moines, Iowa.Continue reading “Openogamy.com Announces Club G Collaboration”